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How to process again an IDoc ?

With BD87 "Status Monitor for ALE Messages" you can process outbound or inbound IDoc, but only for some status (not already treated and a few common errors).

With BD83 "Send IDocs after an ALE error" you can reprocess outbound IDocs of the following error statuses :

  • 02: Error transmitting data to port
  • 04: Error in EDI subsystem control information
  • 05: Error in conversion
  • 25: Continue processing despite syntax error (outbound)
  • 29: Error in ALE service

But sometime you need more. For example, you have outbound IDocs processed with success (status 03), but the receiving system lost them afterwards.

Then the solution is to use RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS to change the IDoc status as you want. Be careful, if you process again a IDoc which is not really lost but just temporarly stuck somewhere, you may create duplicates.

Transaction : BD83, BD87 ; Report : RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS

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